Netball Stars

Recently Zoe George, Izzy Malcolm, and Ellie Dash were chosen to be part the Cornwall  Netball Satellite Academy. The first round of trials were in May and  around 150  U14 girls  had been nominated by their clubs or school to be part of it. The girls were split up into defence, attack, and centre court, all the girls also had to have a number written on their leg so the assessors knew who was who. In each group all the girls took part in stretches, warm ups and invasion games. Some assessors were sat on the side of the court to look at everyone’s effort, concentration, and teamwork, they assessed us from moment we started with stretches and warm ups. After we had got to know each other they put us into game play. We were part of a team and each team played for 10 minuets, and they would tell you what position you are. When you started the games the assessors had their clipboard out and wrote down the numbers/names of the girls that they thought were good enough to go onto the next round. After the games were all over all the women with the clipboards went over into a group to discuss which of the 150 girls should make it into the next round which could only hold 70.

They had made their decisions and said that the results of the first round would be emailed to our club or school by the Monday.

In the second round there were around 70 girls and all of us had to have another number on our legs, we were split into the same groups again, defence, attack, and centre court, this was so that they could look at each girl more closely and learn more about her skills. We again got into more games and then were assessed even closer, so that they could make their final decisions.

All the girls worked really hard and it was a credit to be part of such an amazing experience. And when they called out the names of the people that got through to the Satellite Academy it was, from Mounts Bay Academy/Penzance Netball club Zoe, Izzy ( both Year 8) and Ellie (Year 7).

All the girls that got selected from each stage of the trials were fantastic. The 40 girls who made it into this year’s Satellite Academy will have to follow a training programme to develop our netball skills and increase our fitness. We were giving a training routine and it looks hard but all the girls look like they should enjoy it and it will be very fun to be part of the Academy.

Report by Ellie Dash