Mock Results Day

Year 11 received their Pre Public Examinations results back on Wednesday morning. They have been eager to get the results of the exams that were completed before half-term. However, just like the real thing, they had to wait for them to marked and results collated.

83 students have made significant improvements since the last set of mocks and will be rewarded by a reduction in the price of the ball.
The headline figures that are now expected from this year group are again expected to be the  ‘best ever’ but lots of work is still left to be done. This would mean results will have improved for eight consecutive years at Mounts Bay Academy.
All students will be issued with a revision folders before the end of the week. Each section will start with details about each subject they will be studying and contain a Personal Learning Checklists (PLCs) that have been prepared by the teaching staff. The students will then continue to populate the folders with revision notes over the coming weeks and should aim to complete a future folder.
Students have reached ‘base camp’ and now start the final ascent to the summit.