London Trip

Last week we had the pleasure of taking 39 Year 10 students on a fantastic Global Citizenship trip to London. We had a jam packed couple of days where students had the opportunity to absorb the culture of London.

On the first day we visited the London Central Mosque, where we experienced a live venue of worship and where our students respect for other peoples beliefs was outstanding. It was such an honour to have shared people’s religious experience.

We also visited the Natural History Museum where students were able to embrace the historical elements of the world and demonstrated positive relationships when they met the public.

That evening we were even able to squeeze in a visit to the West End to watch Lion King – a memorable experience for us all.

After a fantastic first day visiting the mosque, Natural History Museum and seeing the Lion King the students were very excited for the next day.

Firstly we went London Dungeons where the students got to experience the history of London in an interactive way. We could all tell the students and staff were enjoying it by all the screaming and shrieking, not naming any names Miss Wearne!
After a thrilling time in the Dungeons we then headed for the London Eye Experience and we couldn’t have had better weather. The skies were clear and we could see for miles all over London, a perfect opportunity to see the culture of London from above.
All students demonstrated a mature level of responsibility and embraced the cultural diversity of London.They were exceptionally well behaved and were a credit to the Academy.