Jubilee Day

Every body in the whole country is getting ready to Celebrate the Queens Diamond Jubilee this coming weekend. Mounts Bay Academy has joined in on the spirit of this auspicious occasion with Mrs Harvey decorating the reception area with Union Jacks and an amazing display of a very British afternoon tea.

The Academy has been alive with the colours of Red, White and Blue today as we have asked all students to attend in their own clothes on a Jubilee theme. Participating students have donated £1 and the total amount raised today will be given to Breast Cancer Awareness and other local Cancer charities. Not to be left out we have seen an great response from our all of our staff, arriving today in a riot of colour.

Lucy Grant baked some Jubillee Buns and a fantastic Celebration Jubilee Cake which were sold as part of our morning break celebrations in reception. Amazingly Lucy tells us that the baking only took a few hours and the icing for the Jubilee Cake another hour after that.

The cakes were delicious and proved very popular selling out in only a few minutes.

Click on an image below to see some pictures of the day.