ICT Update

The Academy will be installing a new and upgraded network over the next few weeks which will greatly improve our WiFi connections on Campus and improve internet connectivity for iPads when they are off site.

There will however be some minor implications for student iPad use in the run up to the Christmas break. The WiFi on site will gradually be turned off between 18th and 20th December to allow us to remove the existing apparatus. Students will still be learning using other methods in class and this will not affect iPad use at home until the morning of 3rd January.

Parent/carers please note that our staff will not be able to access their email whilst in school so you may not get an immediate response should you contact them.

You can still contact the Academy via telephone on the numbers below:

Our telephone reception is open Monday – Friday from 08:00am – 4:30pm during term time on 01736 363240.

Our out of hours emergency contact telephone number is staffed Monday – Friday during term time between 16:30 and 17:30 during term time on 07977 673597.

On Wednesday 3rd January the whole network will be turned off whilst the core and some infrastructure is replaced and some routine maintenance is undertaken.

This will mean that student iPads will not be able to connect to the internet either at MBA or at home until the full switch-over has been completed so please make sure you have downloaded any materials you need before this date.

We are expecting everything to be back up and running as normal once testing has been completed on Friday 5th January when iPads will be able to reconnect to the internet and full email contact will be restored.