Project Week 

Google Expeditions

On Monday, Mounts Bay students visited Peru, live volcanoes, Las Vegas and even toured the solar system, all thanks to Google Expeditions visiting the school.

Over 300 students experienced a Virtual Reality field trip and learned how the Google Expeditions app worked on mobile devices. Simon Elliott, Head of Computing, said “Thanks to Google staff bringing in 60 Google Cardboard VR goggles, our students were able to have an immersive experience. The atmosphere in each session was buzzing and Mr Jones, Mr Lees and Mr Orton led the sessions in a way that all students were able to benefit from this great technology.”

Report by Mr Elliott

After the recent success of the Year 9 Art exams, I met my Year 9s on Monday with the promise of a treat (thanks to Mr Elliott for organising this). The students were very inquisitive, and one student in particular kept asking, ‘Are you going to play a film?’ The answer to that was, obviously, no.

What they soon discovered was that they were going to take part in a virtual reality experience organised by Google.  When we got there, we were given the equipment, and were very quickly transported to a range of different locations around the world. Mr Jones narrated and explained where we were and what to look out for, and the students met his description with genuine shouts and squeals of amazement.

This was such a fun and creative experience, and it was great seeing the students completely lose their inhibitions and interact with the technology. It was a great example of ‘educational play.’

The best part was, as we left the gym, the student previously mentioned turned to me, grinned and said, “That was much better than a film, Miss.”

Report by Miss Green