Girls’ Football

On 8th May the Mounts Bay girls’ football teams played in the County Final Football Tournament. Over all the U12 girls won one game and lost one game. We played against Redruth and Pool. In the games we all played to the best of our abilities, and all supported each other. Robyn Coatsworth scored a great goal but unfortunately it was after the half time whistle, therefore it didn’t count.

But straight away after the match re-started again she scored another goal. However, by far the best goal for the U12s was definitely Hollie Prodger’s fantastic 30 yard goal! The girl  that participated were Iris Tanner, Zoe George, Hollie Prodger, Robyn Coatsworth, Ciara Broughton, Kez Roberts, Katie Morris and Kacey
Maddern. We had a great day and we can’t wait to go again.

Report By Iris Tanner and Zoe George

On the same day the Mounts Bay U14 girls football team also played in the County Final Football Tournament. Over all the U14 girls lost two games and drew one game. First we played against Penryn and we drew, the next game we played was against Redruth and we lost 2-0 to them, and the last game we played was against Pool and we also lost 2-0 to them. In the games we all tried our hardest and we played well, but we are a bit disappointed that we didn’t win. Thanks to all the girls that participated Chloe Graham, Shannon Leigh, Megan Byrne, Maddi Long, Piper Quick, Louisa Matthews, Lucy Rendle, Eseld O’Neil and Megan Penglley. And also we would like to say a massive thanks to Mr Strong for taking us we had a great day.

Report by Chloe Graham.

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