GB Horseback Archery Champion

As a member of the GB Horseback Archery Youth squad, over Easter, I  attended an International training camp in Limoges, France. Teams from France, Sweden, Peru and Great Britain took part.

The purpose of the camp was to gain knowledge and techniques from international coaches and to train alongside other  youth Horseback archers, including the current world champion from Sweden and the Junior world champion from France.

The days consisted of ground archery in the early morning and horseback archery in the late morning.  After lunch, we did fitness and strength work before more riding in the evening. The  riding sessions where great as we where being taught by the world champion. At the end of a hard day, never had a camp bed in a leaking Yurt felt so good!

The camp came to an end with a competition which allowed us to use the new skills acquired from all the various coaching sessions. I came 1st out of the GB youth team and 11th over all, with my coach only two positions in front of me, much to his annoyance!

Having returned from this inspirational five days I am full of ideas on how to improve my training, fitness and archery in preparation for an upcoming international competition against the Netherlands in May, and to try and progress in this unusual but awesome martial art.

Report by Charley Clifford, 10Purple