French Adventure

Year 8 set off for their French adventure looking into the Breton traditions on Tuesday of this week. We boarded the Armorique at Plymouth and sailed through the night to Roscoff. Once we arrived in Roscoff we divided into groups and walked into the gorgeous town of Roscoff.
Once in Roscoff we needed to explore the market and purchase food for our picnic lunch, everyone ordered in french and did a brilliant job.
They bought bread, cheese, tomatoes, prawns, olives and lots more. We then proceeded to the Cafe where the children had to order their own drink in french and pay. The waitress spoke no English at all and did say the children were superb. We then had chance to visit the local shops and see the lovely town.
Once we have seen the sights the students then had to take postcard photos of lighthouse, church and other local landmarks as part of the competition Mr Worsdell has set up. We finished by having a lovely picnic lunch in the local park on the seafront, enjoying all the local produce. We walked back to the ferry port and boarded the ferry, we were complimented by members of the public and passport control at both ports on the children’s behaviour and manners.
We enjoyed a lovely cruise back to Plymouth shopping on board, going to the cinema and again enjoying some typically french food. The staff and students all had a fantastic experience and hopefully learnt a lot from their adventure. Thank you to everyone that was involved and to the staff that went above and beyond to make this trip happen. A special thank you to Ms Bazin who co ordinated the trip, and will be greatly missed next year. Au Revoir
Mrs Crowle