First Class Performance by Choir

Last Friday the HPI choir sang at the Music for Youth Festival in Truro Methodist Church.  It was a fantastic venue and the choir sang brilliantly.  They opened their set with an arrangement of Justin Bieber’s Love Yourself which contained some lovely harmonies and an exciting key change towards the end.  Their second song was Wounded a very poignant song from the band Hunter and the Bear which sounded beautiful in a church setting.  Their final piece was Shadowlands from the musical The Lion King. Erin Beacall featured as our amazing soloist in this song and her voice sounded fantastic over the choral harmonies.


The group received some incredible feedback from the music mentors at the festival and they also gained invaluable experience from participating in this event.   As a choir it was their first ever public performance and they did everyone proud, especially as they have only been rehearsing together since January.


We also had the opportunity to listen to many other groups from all over Cornwall which made for a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon.


The choir are already working on several new pieces and are looking forward to their next performance….watch this space!


Report by Miss Wills


The student obviously enjoyed the experience. Here are a few comments they made about taking part in the Festival:

Erin – “It was fun, a lot of people were there, it was a great atmosphere.”

Kate – “I’ve made loads of new friends, learnt new songs and just had a barrel of laughs all the way through!”

Siena – “It was a great experience and we all learnt a lot from it.”

Kiah – “Had a great laugh, lots of amazing performances from different schools.”