This semester, the final wave of Year 8 students have embarked on our exciting new STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) project called ELEMENT. Using an adapted version of the enquiry process (plan, research, investigate, analyse, design, create and evaluate), students are investigating answers to the question; “How can we engineer a sustainable world?” With a much nicer day of weather this Wednesday than our previous two trips, students took a field trip to The Living Well Centre, Sancreed, to witness a fantastic example of sustainable living in the local area.

Year 8 students have been researching the associated problems with a rising global population and unsustainable urban growth in an effort finding preventions and solutions is key to the survival of Earth. Students will be given a key component of a sustainable town they must design and create using Computer Aided Design and 3D printing. They will then make informed decisions to consider the sustainability of their project.  Students were treated to a tour of the eco-sustainability project by parent Rachel Smart and conducted a surveys and assessments of the environmental factors and initiatives that have been taken into consideration through its construction. The willingness of the Living Well Centre to open their doors in such a friendly and accommodating manner, as well as the eagerness of students to investigate sustainability made for an very productive morning.

Although only in its third semester the project is proving really successful and students have been enjoying learning in a modern context, aiming to help provide solutions to real world problems. By linking challenging theoretical and practical skills under the clear context of sustainability, students can see how their local solution can have a real impact on a global scale.