‘DNA’ theatre trip

On Friday 11th November, 39 Year 11 students, accompanied by three lovely teachers, travelled to London to watch the play ‘DNA’, a play that we will study further and use in our English Literature exam.


The day started early, arriving at school at 4:45am for a 5am departure. We had a good journey with a few brief stops, one being at 11 o’clock for a 2 minute silence for Armistice Day.

We arrived in Trafalgar Square at 1 o’clock, taking in some of the street art and exploring the different lifestyles of London: a very fast paced, crazy one that many of us weren’t prepared for!

We then headed through the crowded streets of London to the theatre, when we walked past two boys covered in red and blue balloons who turned out to be THE Conor and Jack Maynard. These two boys are very famous YouTubers and singers. I personally was absolutely ecstatic and a lot of us got very excited, some people were even in tears! They must have been doing something for charity or for a shop as they had a whole camera crew around them so watch out, Mounts Bay Academy might be on the television! That was definitely an added bonus and certainly an amazing experience you would never get down here in Penzance!

The play started at 2:30pm and lasted for about an hour and a half. The play was about a group of teenagers believing they had killed someone, and their way of covering it up. The procedures were carried out by Phil, an isolated, mentally unstable boy who knew exactly how it should be carried out. The play tested honesty, communication and trust and showed the troubles teenagers can easily run into when they take things a step too far.


The play was performed by an outstanding cast, and used sound and lighting in a very effective way to help tell the story.


Seeing the play will definitely be very helpful in the literature exam. Mya Clackworthy said: “I thought the trip was very helpful towards our exams in the future.”


We ended the trip with some shopping which some of us enjoyed more than others (including myself!) and a lovely meal at Fire and Stone in Covent Garden.


The trip received a lot of positive feedback and we all thoroughly enjoyed it. Certainly a trip I would recommend to the younger years to help them with their exams.

Report by Anya Burlton