Detox Festival 

Detox Session 5

Welcome to Session 5 of the festival.

each session lasts around 15 minutes.

Session 6 will be available from 13:15

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Music from Eve

Darren Intro


Eve – Girls in Vogue


We love sowing seeds, growing plants, digging and feeding the soil, but let’s not forget that the ultimate goal is to feed ourselves! Here we see a group of key-worker students during lockdown while they sample the food and fruit we have been working hard to grow.



D Jalpha stormed into our lives last year at DeTox 2019 when he sailed onto stage on wheels to deliver a pounding set that got everyone moving. This year D Jalpha has created this awesome new set for us. We don’t get to see him in his prophetic mask and shades, but he is there, represented in his hypnotic visuals.

D Jalpha


Music from Rosa and Siena

Darren Intro


Rosa and Siena


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