Detox Festival 

Detox Session 3

Welcome to Session 3 of the festival.

Each session lasts around 15 minutes.

Session 4 will be available from 12:45.

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Watch a great dance film from our MBA Dance troupe.

Dancing In The Street


Ms Taylor brought our attention to this stunning piece of work by one of her textile students. Abby has created an amazing conceptual outfit in response to the fires that devastated Australia earlier this year. Her attention to detail and her involvement of the ideas throughout the whole process make this an exceptional piece of work.

Abby’s Fire Dress


The poly-tunnel was installed at MBA around 5 years ago and has been used for gardening, teaching, and building Golowan props! The gardening team started working really hard in February organising and tidying the space, ready to start sowing all our seeds at the beginning of March. Through the last few months it has looked after loads of young seedlings before they were planted outside, and is the full time home for our cucumbers, melons, tomatoes and chilli’s.


Music from Tegan

Darren Intro




The english department this week have involved all of their students in investigating how are seas are coping at this critical time. They have drawn from the work of Surfers Against Sewage to explore the theme through the written word and through film and visual images. We have put together a short piece that both celebrates the sea but also warns us of our need to protect this vital resource.

The Sea


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