Detox Festival 

Detox Session 2

Welcome to Session 2 of the festival.

This session will last around 15 minutes.

Session 3 will be available from 12:30

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Enid has been involved in Eco committee from the start. She designed the DeTox festival logo and when i called home, was more than happy to rise to the challenge of creating festival online content. Her 10minute documentary entitled ‘Shop Local’ has blown me away. With her relaxed but focused questioning, she has captured the character of each shop and owner she has chatted with. She has also done a very fine job with the massive edit, using a great variety in her choice of footage to bring all the points across so effectively. A massive thank you to Katie Kirk, who was Enid’s camera operator and ensured health and safety during shooting in lockdown.

Shop Local


Ajjaz Awad-Ibrahim,is and actor, writer director and salsa teacher who lives in Brixton but has strong family ties with Penwith. When she heard about our online festival, she offered us a very short intro to salsa as she said ‘Now festival is complete without a salsa workshop.’ Hope you enjoy and if you want to learn more let us know and we can maybe set it up.

An Intro To Salsa


A chance to chat to staff and students who have been into school during lockdown and as we start to emerge. We reflect on last year’s festival, comment on the experience of lockdown and state some hopes for our future.

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