Detox Festival 

Detox Session 14

Welcome to Session 14.

Each session takes about 15 minutes.

Session 15 will be available from 15:30.

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Music from Lily

Darren Intro


Lily – “Dissimilarity”


Jane Pugh local writer presents this insightful piece about one of the Lord of the Flies boys, now seen as an old chap, reflecting on the whole traumatic tale and wondering how it was that he stood by and let it happen.

Olden – A film by Jane Pugh


Music from Anya

Darren Intro


Anya – “One More Try”


Click on the image below to see how many answers you can get to Ivy’s Detox Crossword. HINT: The answers are at the bottom of this page.


Miss Dowrick welcomes you to this years Virtual Golowan Festival


Click the image below to see Miss Dowrick Golowan 2020 Presentation


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Watch the Mazey day Video below

Mazey Day

Please visit for lots of details about how you can get involved this year in Golowan Online.

Take care and let’s dance together in the streets for Mazey 2021!!!


Local singer-songwriter Louella Jade Eke performs a special exclusive set for us. This includes a cover of a timeless Bob Dylan classic and her own song about climate change. Louella will also be performing at the online Mazey Day event this weekend.


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