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DeTox Festival

The Detox Festival takes place at MBA today (20/6/19). It’s open to the public from 5pm to 8pm.

Thursday 20th June
Be there!

It’s organised by Year 9 student Lilia¬† who is passionate about addressing climate change and encouraging a greener future. She has worked very hard and has inspired many students, staff and external organisations¬† to become involved.

The festival involves original music and dance performances, an amazing fashion show featuring some fantastic student made original clothing made form recycled cloth (the dress made from old ties is amazing), stalls from a huge variety of local eco groups including Surfers Against Sewage, a clothes swap stall, tree planting, sustainable food, a cycle to school scheme and many more exciting stalls and activities.

The event it is open to students from 2-4pm and to the general public from 5-8pm.