Cross Country

On Monday 6th November students from Years 7, 8, 9 and 10 competed for MBA at the Penwith Schools X-Country event. It was a bright but blustery afternoon. There were a number of successes, including first place for Mari Ward, Jude Hardy, Abbie Jose and Robyn Coatsworth.


Year 7 girls:

Daisy O’Shea

Savannah Gibbs

Jessie Trahair-Davies

India Angove

Olivia Cockle

Honey Thorn

Mari Ward


Year 7 boys:

Joe Gordon

Leon Williams

Jude Hardy


Year 8 girls:

Abby Jose

Josie Miles

Rebecca Storey

Isla Harvey


Year 9 girls:

Katie Trahair-Davies

Erin Burt

Year 10 girls:

Robyn Coatsworth