Covid 19 Guidance

The Governors and staff of Mounts Bay Academy are committed to do whatever is necessary to keep every member of our Academy community safe and well.

The government guidance is that we should operate a Lateral Flow Coronavirus testing regime and our testing centre is open for the safety of students and staff who attend the Academy.

Click here to see what the testing process entails


The latest guidance and information regarding Covid-19 and Academy can be found below:

Click here to see the guidance on face coverings in educational settings March 2021

Click here to see the Risk Assessment for the re-opening from March 8th 2021.

Click here to see the Mounts Bay Policy for Safeguarding – Covid19

Click here to see the Mounts Bay Academy supplement to Health and Safety Policy for Covid-19

Click here to see the Mounts Bay Academy Covid-19 Risk Strategy

Click here to see the Mounts Bay Academy Risk Assessment report for all students returning in September

Click here to see the Government guidance for parent/carers for the return to school in September

Click here to see the Government guidance for the full opening of schools

Click here to see the NHS Kernow COVID 19 help and information for children and young people

Click here to see the Guidance for parents and carers on supporting children and young people’s mental health and wellbeing during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic

Click here to see the NSPCC support [ages for parents and children during the coronavirus


Our campus is divided into five clearly identified zones, each separated from each other with their own facilities. There is a fully supervised hand sanitation point at the entrance of each zone for use before entry into the building, this will be in addition to the regular hand washing routines that will  be implemented using soap and water. Year groups occupy different zones on different days to allow for specialist classroom teaching.

Each year group comprises of 7 classes that occupy each zone and movement around the site is strictly limited. Similarly are only able to have visitors to the site by appointment only and latecomers will have to wait outside until the entire site is secure before they will be able to enter, so punctuality be required to avoid any inconvenience to everyone. All classrooms have forward facing desks and students occupy the same seat for the duration of the day. Unfortunately we are not be able to undertake any group or collaborative work, however PE will take place using sterilised equipment, and contact sports will be reintroduced in line with the latest guidance from the Government.

All students receive our broad and balanced curriculum which will consist of a combination of face to face teaching, live streamed lessons and self guided online learning. To keep everyone safe students supply their own headphones to be able to take part in streamed lessons.

We endeavour to allow students to have access to separate outdoor areas during break and lunchtimes, however we must expect that on some occasions this will not be possible. We have been working very closely with our catering supplier and in the absence of the usual counter service we provide food that is pre-ordered and delivered to zones at the appropriate time.

All of this is supported by a rigorous cleaning regime throughout the school day with a deep clean taking place each evening.

Safety must come first, and this temporary measure has to be taken and we need to be very strict in enforcing these new protocols ..

Students will need each day:

  1. School bag
  2. Waterproof Coat
  3. Face Covering – to be worn at all times in the school buildings
  4. Resealable plastic bag for face covering
  5. Uniform
  6. PE kit on a PE day
  7. Headphones
  8. Pencil Case
  9. Pens (Blue and black biro plus black fine liner)
  10. Pencils – HB and 2B
  11. Coloured pencils
  12. Calculator (Casio 83GTX or 85GTX is recommended)
  13. Rubber
  14. Pencil Sharpener
  15. Small pair of scissors
  16. Glue stick
  17. Geometry  Set
  18. Ruler (30cm)
  19. Water Bottle
  20. Fully charged iPad (we suggest supplementing this with a low cost power bank as we cannot ensure access to charging points)
  21. Old oversize t-shirt to protect uniform during Creative Arts practicals
  22. To be on time! (we don’t want to cross-contaminate our Learning Zones)