County Hockey Tournament

The Year 7 girls hockey team recently competed in their County U12 tournament at Truro School. In the first round the girls had six games to play and won them all, only conceding one goal throughout. They played very well as a team, lots of supportive and positive teamwork ensured they continued this success in the final game in the first round against Truro High A team. This game was a well matched game with both teams playing excellent hockey. MBA had a little more possession and finally scored from a crossed ball which Rosa was able to connect with at just the right moment to ensure the ball end up in the goal, meaning we went through in top position from round one. We then had the semi-final game against Penair School, who were runners up in the other pool, and beat them 2-1.

As it happened Truro High, who played the winners from the other pool, beat them 2-1 so it was a Truro High versus MBA final. The tension was palpable for both sides as the final progressed through the allocated time without a score line. Both teams were having to work hard as tiredness set in and with no score came the extra time. MBA scored first and the excitement was clear, however Truro High fought back hard and score two minutes before the final whistle.
Penalty flicks was next on the list, again tensions were running high, and after the first round of flicks the teams were still tied. This meant ‘sudden death’ (as it’s known) penalty flicks, unfortunately our first flick did not go in but the Truro High players flick did, meaning they won.
It was such a wonderful day of top level hockey and all teams were very supportive of each others performance. MBA performed exceptionally and I am very proud of their performance, attitude and application throughout the day. Definitely a team to watch for the future. A special mention to Izzy Harvey, who stepped in to the goalie position for the first time ever and to Hollie Prodger for officiating.
Report by Mrs Trevail