Christmas Science

Are you getting into the Christmas spirit? Well in Science lessons we certainly have; we’ve been making slime (bouncy Christmas baubles), snowflakes and Christmas trees out of a lot of triangles. We also made light bulbs chromatography and a Christmas tree buzzer game. However, best of all, we’ve been exploding party poppers and learning about the science behind them. We found out that they are made out of gunpowder and streamers. The friction when you pull the string causes heat making a spark and makes the gunpowder makes a bang then a explosion of coloured steamers occurs, leaving smoke behind. Knowing that fact we did a test to see if different  colours needed more force. We used different coloured party poppers, a clamp stand and boss,  and weights to do this test. It was quite scary because you didn’t know when it was going to pop. The result was that it didn’t matter what colour it was but what brand it was that matters.  We don’t know that for sure though…we will have to do more experiments!

By Jessie, Isla and Chloe