China Trip

14 students from Mounts Bay Academy enjoyed a unique opportunity to travel to China for 10 days during the Easter holidays. Our journey started in Beijing where we were toured two of the most breath-taking sites in the world: The Forbidden City and the Great Wall. Pupils enjoyed the food and the many cultural shows we attended on several occasions.

We were then taken on an overnight train to the beautiful walled city of Xi’An (a further 12 hour south of Beijing) where we encountered the unique site where is buried the famous Terra Cotta Army. Pupils were fortunate enough to also visit the holy site of a Buddhist temple at the Wild Goose Pagoda and enjoyed a fantastic water and light show by night on the site.

One of the highlights of our trip has to be the fabulous welcome we all received at a school in Xi’An where we were treated to an extended Assembly. British pupils had also prepared some singing and dancing performances for our enthusiastic hosts. All pupils then enjoyed chatting, exchanging e-mails addresses and playing various football and basketball games! Everyone was really sad when we finally had to leave.

This certainly was a trip of a lifetime and here are some quotes from the studentss:

“The China trip was an amazing experience. The people over in China really make you feel welcome and the food was really nice.”

“I thought that the China trip was an amazing experience and I got to make some new friends that live in Xi’an.”


“China exceeded all of my expectations.(…)I have made so many new friends during the trip who I will share our experiences and stories with for years to come. I’m sure that the Memories of the China Trip will stay with me forever.”


“Going to China was a great experience, as I have never been anywhere quite like it! I loved the food, people and the ancient sites. I can now use chopsticks to eat anything. (….)I made some new friends in the school in Xi’an and had really good fun with others on the trip.”

Click on an image below to see more pictures of our trip.