Our HPI Institutesshare

High Perf

At Mounts Bay we are passionate about all students striving to achieve all that they can. We believe that "no matter what your ability is, effort is what ignites that ability and turns it into accomplishment.” Everyone has the potential to achieve more than they think possible.  To this end our High Performance Academy Team lead and organise events throughout the year to challenge students in all years to think differently and maximise their potential.
High Performance in English and Maths
Throughout the year students are given the opportunity to use their learning in lessons in new and exciting ways. To inspire our students we arrange presentations from Authors, Journalists and Mathematicians and trips to universities and colleges. Students are encouraged to participate in a range of activities including the Maths Leaders Award, UKMT Maths Challenge, the Radio 2 five hundred word competition, IFS student investor challenge and code breaking competitions.
High Performance in Science
In Science we offer a broad range of extra curricular activities to challenge our scientists. There are Science, Astronomy, Chemistry and Crest clubs which are held weekly either during or after the normal school day. Mounts Bay students participate in the Big Bang Southwest which is a science festival, the scrapheap challenge and the Royal Society of Chemistry G&T Challenge. Students attend presentations organised by the academy from the national space academy and Dr Andrew Fletcher amongst others.
High Performance in Physical Education
Our High Performance Institute for sport is primarily focused on pupils that perform to an extremely high standard and/or compete in a variety of sports to a good level. Some of the benefits that students gain from include additional coaching and conditioning training, a sport specific workshop and regular meetings with a mentor.
High Performance in Art, Photography and Music
We provide opportunities for students to extend themselves and reach the top grades through extensive after school provision for both KS3 and 4. Gallery visits, both locally and nationally, have been used to augment contextual understanding and inspire ideas. Other trips include link with Falmouth University and resource gathering adventures to sites of local interest. In music we provide a huge range of opportunities such as encouraging students to perform live to a variety of audiences and working with dBs at Cornwall college which allows our students to mix their music down in professional studios.