Brexit Debate

Students have been busy today assessing one of the most important issues facing the country by debating the issues surrounding the forthcoming EU referendum.

We were pleased to welcome the MP for our constituency, Derek Thomas, who gave a summary of the process before chairing a debate on the issues we all face in considering our place in Europe.

The debate took place in Freedom Square, an area we created to celebrate the freedoms we all enjoy thanks to the Universal declaration of Human Rights. It was designed by our students and has benched seating to each side constructed from reclaimed materials, to simulate a traditional debating chamber.

The arguments for both sides were presented by students from a central podium that has the same dimensions as the solitary confinement cell used by Nelson Mandela during his long incarceration for defending his freedom of speech in South Africa.

The debate was lively and informative, helping everyone to understand both sides of the argument.

Speaking afterwards Derek Thomas said:

‘It was a great privilege to see the debating square in action. People are right to question the quality of the information being provided by both the Remain and Leave campaigns so it was good to see that the students had taken time to research the issues for themselves – their arguments were based on sound truths about the UK’s membership of the EU.’

‘My message to young people who are eligible to vote is to ensure that you register to vote before June 7th. You can then take part in one of the greatest decisions facing us today’

Read his Independent Guide to the arguments for and against membership of the EU here.