Album Launch

On Wednesday we held our second annual Qube Records end of year release show. This year we released three albums of fully original music, completely written and performed by MBA students.

Over the course of the week all the performers came and signed their record deals and rehearsed ready for the performance.


The show was a massive success with amazing performances from all the featured performers, with the entire ‘Time Flies’ album being performed live for the first time ever! All the performers were on top form, with lots of people collaborating with each other and helping each other realise the arrangements that we built for the record.

The first half of the show was bookended by sensational performances from Demelza Jones, who was celebrating the launch of her full album ‘2007’! She was fantastic as always, and her achievement this year in making her own album is massive. It’s an unbelievable bit of work and she’s turned into a really impressive perfomer.

The show also featured four awards; Band, Instrumentalist, Song and Artist of the Year. The Band Award went to ‘The Cold Six Hundred’, who closed the show with their final performance as MBA students with a spectacular performance of their new EP ‘Hazard Lights’.

The award for Instrumentalist of the Year went to bass legend Oscar Clive, who contributed bass to 13 tracks across two albums this year, and whose playing was a constant highlight of the show.

The big winner was Emma Eddy who won both Song of the Year for her track ‘If Only’, and Artist of the Year. She’s had a huge year and it’s hugely deserved. Everyone was amazing thoughout the whole year. The development and progression has been enormous and everyone should be massively, massively proud of themselves.

Well done everyone, and thank you to everyone who has helped and contributed to this project. The albums are available online everywhere, iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and anywhere else you can think of, and on CD from MBA, or from the Music Box in Penzance!

Report by Darren Roberts