Thanks Mounts Bay



We have just received an e-mail from the organisers of this years Young Americans UK Tour which shows they love coming to us as much as we love them. Thank you to everyone who was involved, we look forward to their visit next year.


“Dear Sara,

I didn’t get chance to write and thank you for all the work you and your team did in the final throws of March to make a phenomenal success of the end of our tour.

 As you know through March and April I was in Cape Town developing a football based school exchange programme as well as in LA for the YA 50th celebrations (which were amazing).

I’m sure you’ll love to know that the Minack Picture is the first thing you see as you walk through the door of the office in the USA, and I personally sat down in the Conference room with Milton and played the video of upon this rock from my iphone on to the plasma screens.   He had tears in his eyes as he watched, in fact it was a weekend of tears.

 As ever Mounts Bay and Cornwall outdid themselves, creating a ethereal home within the UK.

 I have already heard rumors a foot regarding thoughts of work for next year, however, I thought this year I would place any initial planning firmly and squarely in your hands from the word go.  

Let me know your initial thoughts, but primarily thank you for EVERYTHING you achieved”