September Return

The latest guidance and information regarding Covid-19, the Academy and the September return can be found below:

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17th July 2020

We have now completed the majority of the work required to make the campus a safe place for students and staff. There are many pages of guidance above but here is a very brief outline of what you can expect when you return. Firstly we will be compressing the school day, starting at 08:30 and finishing at 2:45 to reduce the strain on traffic at peak times.

The most basic change is that we have split the site into five clearly identified zones, each separated from each other with their own facilities. There will be a fully supervised hand sanitation point at the entrance of each zone for use before entry into the building, this will be in addition to the regular hand washing routines that will need to be implemented using soap and water. Year groups might occupy different zones on different days to allow for specialist classroom teaching.


Each year group will comprise of 7 classes that will occupy each zone and movement around the site will be strictly limited. Similarly we will only be able to have visitors to the site by appointment only and latecomers will have to wait outside until the entire site is secure before they will be able to enter, so punctuality be required to avoid any inconvenience to everyone. All classrooms will have forward facing desks and students will need to occupy the same seat for the duration of the day. Unfortunately we will not be able to undertake any group or collaborative work, however PE will take place using thoroughly cleaned equipment but no contact sports will be permitted.

All students will receive our broad and balanced curriculum which will consist of a combination of face to face teaching, live streamed lessons and self guided online learning. To keep everyone safe students will need to supply their own headphones to be able to take part in streamed lessons.

We will endeavour to allow students to have access to separate outdoor areas during break and lunchtimes, however we must expect that on some occasions this will not be possible. We have been working very closely with our catering supplier and in the absence of the usual counter service we will enable food to be pre-ordered and delivered to zones at the appropriate time.

All of this will be supported by a rigorous cleaning regime throughout the school day with a deep clean taking place each evening. To make this all possible we will be asking parents and students to agree to a strict behaviour policy that we will reinforce on Student Led Conference Day.

Our aim is that all students will be on site full time and following their regular timetable by Monday 14th September. As you can see from the chart below, the new Year 7 students will begin their week of transition activities on Monday 7th September and other years will have a students lead conference on one day that week.

Attendance at these is compulsory for families this year. We have studied the many, many pages of government guidance and we all know that the Academy will need to be a very different place in September for safety reasons. The way in which the timetable has been written requires students to remain in crews within year groups and also to remain in a specific zone of the school on specific days. Break-times and lunchtimes will be supervised and lunch will be delivered to classrooms, as the canteen will not be able to function as last year. In classrooms, students will need to sit in rows facing the front and will not be able to move around the room during the lesson. Teachers must remain at the front and at least 2 metres from the students so that they are then able to leave this crew and teach classes in a different crew or zone at a different point in the day. I am sure you will understand the level of planning and preparation that has gone into creating an Academy where we can still deliver the curriculum as well as keeping students and staff safe.

We will share the exact details of the annex that has been added to our behaviour policy for September at the SLC days. It will outline what the Academy will do, what parents/carers are expected to do and what the students need to do. Your tutor will talk through the expectations with you and then all parties will be asked to sign the document to show that they agree and accept these behaviour guidelines. Should a student not follow these guidelines and behave in a way which endangers the safety of students and staff, then parents/carers will be phoned and asked to arrange for the collection of the student immediately and take them off site,. They will then spend the next day in the ‘Reset Zone’ – a 2m distanced area where students will work silently and individually for a day. If this is completed successfully then they can return to their original crew the next day. Any further instances will be dealt with by exclusion. Because of the importance of these measures, any student that has not attended the SLC day with a parent/carer will not be allowed to return to lessons within the Academy.

As ever, we will be diligent and study any further guidance that is released and should there be a change in government advice, then we can relax some of these measures, as you can see they are very strict and rigid and in many ways they are not very in keeping with the “Mounts Bay Way” where relationships are central to our learning. These protocols are not the best way of achieving the excellent staff/student relationships that we have been working on throughout 2019/20.

However, safety must come first, and this temporary measure has to be taken and we need to be rigid and very strict in enforcing these new protocols and to do this we need your support, hence the compulsory attendance for parents/carers at the SLC day. You will receive a further notification about the process of booking at appointment for SLC day at the end of August/beginning of September.

I look forward to seeing everyone in September.


Les Hall | Principal