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MixX Jam 2

As part of our Arts Festival week, we’ve just held another highly successful MixX Jam at the Acorn Theatre. The event was organised by our Arts Award team and featured many performers who have honed their talents as part of our MixX extended schools programme.

Review By Arielle Fitkin

Last night I went to the Acorn theatre to perform at the MixX Jam 2. It was a jam packed evening full of talent and even though it was over 2 hours long, we could have kept going for another hour! There was a great range of music – acoustic songs, upbeat raps and of course the MB Jazz Band. All the performers did really well despite the fact that some of them were extremely nervous before going on, with some songs being performed live for the first time. Everyone back stage was really supportive. and the audience seemed to really enjoy it and contributed well to the positive vibe of the evening.

I really enjoyed it and would recommend the next MixX Jam to anyone who wants a fun night out.

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