BBC News School Report

We have just finished a fantastic programme for BBC News School Report 2016 which was again broadcast live from our own TV News Studio at 2:30pm on Thursday 10th March. Students spent the first few hours in an editorial meeting before moving on to researching the news from a variety of sources. They then began to write up the news of the day in their own words whilst finding images that could be used to illustrate their reports. Once everything they needed was in place, reports were e-mailed to our newsroom ready to be assembled on to the tele-prompt and graphics systems ready to create the broadcast. After a brief rehearsal the team completed their broadcast on time and without a hitch.

Everyone agreed that experiencing the intensity of working in a live broadcast news room was an exciting way to spend the day and a very tired but happy media team left the studio at the end of the day.


To view the broadcast on our Firefly page click here


Click on an image below to see how we got on